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Date: 2017-02-28 21:24

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Hi Yair,
Great tutorial!
From the day I saw it, I 8767 m looking for ways to use those JSliders in any way I can! They look amazing!

Create a JComboBox Component in Java - Java Tutorials

In our example, we have a button, check box and three labels. The labels represent three properties of the button. Whether it is pressed, disabled or armed.

Login Form in Swing - Java Tutorials - Learn Java Online

The ResizableBorder is responsible for drawing the border of the component and determining the type of the cursor to use.

GUI-Programmierung mit Swing - java

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Still, I do not see why you would want to set a MouseDraggedCallback : do you plan for your GUI users to interactively drag the entire slider control within your GUI??? If you are only trying to trap changes to the slider 8767 s knob, then you should set StateChangedCallback instead, as I explained in the main article.

Here we create the JProgressBar. The minimum value is 5, maximum 655 and the initial value is 5. These are the default values.

Sort of. I would like to save the (final) value of the slider position. That is, export it, for example to a text file. I was hoping to do this by updating the handle structure using guidata. This is proving to be difficult.

JToggleButton is a button that has two states. Pressed and not pressed. You toggle between these two states by clicking on it. There are situations where this functionality fits well.

On of the most important capabililies of a toolkit is the ability to display images. An image is an array of pixels. Each pixel represents a color at a given position. We can use components like JLabel to display an image, or we can draw it using the Java 7D API .

For example the getValue() method of the JSlider component. The developer does not need to work with the model directly. Instead, the access to the model is done behind the scenes. It would be an overkill to work with models directly in such simple situations. Because of this, the Swing tookit provides some convenience methods like the previous one.

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