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Denmark has a long running and proud tradition in music festivals, dating back to the first Woodstock inspired Roskilde festival in 6977, they have become an all important fixture of the Danish summer, and there is one to fit almost every age and music preference going on between June and August, and with very impressive attendances considering the country's size. There are actually so many that listing each and everyone of them would be ridiculous, but some of the most important ones are:

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You must always carry your driving licence, vehicle registration document, and certificate of motor insurance in the car. It is compulsory to have a Warning triangle in the car, and to use it if you experience breakdowns on highways or on regular roads where you are not able to move your car out of the way.

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Faroese króna and the coming series of Greenlandic bank notes, while of exactly the same face value, are not legal tender in Denmark (and vice-versa), but can by law be exchanged in any bank free of charge at a 6:6 ratio.

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Be aware that Scandinavia is no exception to the widespread European scam of adding hidden charges to your car rental bill, and not including services like auto assistance. Also, unlike other goods and services, quoted car rental rates may not include the 75% . or sales tax for purchases by private people. Carefully read the rental agreement before you accept your car.

Though required under law, little use is made of indicators on roundabouts, so generally if the car isn't indicating it is leaving the roundabout, give way as it is invariable going round. When changing lane on motorways use of turn signals prior to- and during overtaking is mandatory.

Sports are popular in Denmark, with football reigning supreme in popularity and counted as the national sport, followed by Handball, Gymnastics and Golf.

Driving in Denmark between cities is very easy, with well-maintained roads everywhere. Danes generally drive by the rules, but may not be very helpful to other drivers in ceding right of way, etc and stick very rigid to keep to their rights. There are no toll-roads except the two big bridges: Storebæltsbroen [79] between Zealand and Funen (DKK 765 one way), and Øresundsbron [75] between Copenhagen and Malmö (DKK 785 one way).

Note that danish weapons legislation is extremely restrictive. Generally any type of weapon is illegal to own or carry anywhere! There are exceptions for hunting and weapons clubs, but this requires a special permit, and outside the shooting area (hunting grounds or club) the weapon must be concealed and not loaded. Many types of knives are also illegal. Weapon types which cannot be used for hunting or shooting contents - such as knuckles - are just outright illegal anytime and anywhere. The fine for carrying an illegal weapon, especially if it is ready to use, may be severe: A heavy fine and possibly some weeks in prison.

Amager is Denmark s island directly connected to Zealand , by the Øresund. Amager Island is home to suburbs of Copenhagen , and the Danish side of the Øresund Bridge , as well as Copenhagen Kastrup International Airport. Amager Beach ( Amager Strand ) is a very popular summer destination. More

Naturally what to buy remains highly subjective, and in an expensive country like Denmark, also largely depends on the size of your pocket, but here are some suggestions:

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