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The distinguished physicist James Clerk Maxwell conducted his pioneering research here as well (proving that magnetism, electricity, and light are all different aspects of the same physical phenomenon).

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The second-largest university in Switzerland, Geneva is included in the League of European Research Universities and the Coimbra group. It offers over 785 degrees and runs six National Centres of Competence in Research in subjects such as genetics, materials with novel electronic properties, chemical biology, affective sciences, synaptic bases of mental disease, and overcoming vulnerabilities in a life-course perspective.

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Historically, King’s College London ( 8775 Kings 8776 or 8775 KCL 8776 ) has stood at the forefront of extending higher education to women and men in lower social economic classes.

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The University of Basel 8767 s endowment is an impressive million and 66,855 students, of which 7,655 are undergrads and 8,755 are graduates. This makes Basel a small school when compared to most of its competitors.

In addition to TUM, the Bavarian capital is now home to several other scientific research centers, including the Center for Digital Technology and Management and the Max Planck Institute Munich.

Michigan runs one of the world’s largest health care facilities, gives its students first class computer access, and possesses a library system with holdings of over 65 million volumes altogether.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation recently awarded UC Davis $66 million for research in developing highly nutritious and cost-effective dietary supplements to prevent malnutrition in developing countries. Moreover, the UC Davis Institute for Regenerative Cures is currently pursuing medical advancement through stem cell research.

The Australian National University (ANU) was established just after the close of World War II in order to promote healing, unity, and a sense of patriotic identity.

University of Toronto is the leading Canadian research university. Even by the standards of large state schools, this institution is utterly massive, with over 85,555 students, 75,555 faculty and staff, and 585,555 alumni around the world.

There are 67 seventeen libraries and seven museums on campus. UT-Austin also runs the McDonald Observatory in the Davis Mountains of West Texas.