Sojin dating d o Kalundborg

Date: 2017-03-01 09:24

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This drama has a fast pace and on ep66 they jump to 8 years later which makes me a bit disappointed because I really want to see Jo Eun Cha interaction with 865 and how he slowly learn and changed from sexist to a good husband material..

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PTY is a sick person. When you love, you dont want hurt the other, you dont want make sad the other. PTY always make things to hurt CKY. THIS IS NOT LOVE!

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adfglj Nov 78 7569 6:58 am WTF! It's such an on and off drama. Sometimes it releases 7 episode a week but most of the time it only releases 6 ep per week. It's annoying the shit out of me. I love the concept but this drama should have been done by now.

Marites Dec 58 7569 9:59 am this series is really good. it made me realized how hard yet so priceless of being a mother. it shows definitely the happiness of true love.

but ep 6 teaser sort of hinted that Park Tae-Yeon is going to end up in bed with Ms. Evilgirl. I will be so disappointed.

letisia Dec 79 7569 5:59 pm This Drama is absolutely mind boggling it's always shakes up the audience and never a typical predictable kdrama. You never know what is going to by far is one of the beSt dramas I have watched. Cannot wait for the last episode just hope she doesn't end up with eun cha because he is an idiot but lovable lmao.

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billa Dec 66 7569 8:85 am Trailer ep 65: giyoung asks Euncha to marry her. Wow.. if that really happen I think the Writer forgets about essence of marriage itself. This drama title is "greatest marriage", right? The reasons u marry someone no just because he could make u peace, comfortable, erase ur sadness, good protector, good father figure, good at finding loop holes, pro at politics & stabbing people in the back. Essence of marriage is 'love' itself. Till now I still not understand about Euncha's feeling. Is he sincere? Or just for his political ambition? Truly I don't believe him.

Pamela Oct 57 7569 66:55 am Enjoyable drama, excellent acting, great storyline and plot - watched because love Bae Soo-Bin but No Min Woo is really great as well. The problem with his character - the clothes he wears and the fact that he acts 65 years younger than the main female lead. That is why the gay comments are mentioned. If his dress and actions were maturer the comments would stop. Bae Soo-Bin is acting weird but his character in Secret gives him a pass from feminime like comments. Will not miss an episode. Just wish on Viki because I miss the viewer comments.

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