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Step 8

Run the app.

Output 6

Main Screen will look as follows.

Output 7

Click Check Box control to reserve the date.

Output 8

Click on the Date Picker control to change the date.

Output 9

Select the date and click OK button.

Output 5

Now, the date is changed.


I hope, you understood how to Add the CheckBox control in Microsoft PowerApps and how to run it.

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A. Select the row header A , DESCENDANTS([Product]) and click Product in the POV. The Member Selection dialog box appears.

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C. Name the Smart Slice Customer Detail and click the OK ( ) icon to save the Smart Slice and refresh the Data Source Manager. Your Smart Slice appears in the tree associated with the Sample Sales Reduced data source.

Working With CheckBox Control In Microsoft PowerApps

Custom made Items, Cut materials, Altered therefore not a stock item, large volume orders, specially priced items, Special quoted items, special order items are considered a "FINAL SALE" and these items cannot be returned or canceled once this order/quote has been Processed.

This subtopic shows you how to create a report by using your Smart Slice and Report Designer. Report Designer is a Smart View feature in which you can design and manage a variety of reports that are based on Smart Slices. Report Designer can be used with Essbase, Planning, and Oracle BI EE data sources.

A. In the Report Designer pane, click the drop-down list for the Insert ( ) icon and select Function Grid. The grid is added to your workbook.

You can create separate reports for any or all of the members of one dimension in a report based on a Smart Slice query in Report Designer or an ad hoc grid, and cascade these reports separately across the worksheets of an Excel workbook. For reports created in Report Designer, you can also cascade reports across slides in a PowerPoint presentation (worksheets or slides are created as needed to accommodate all reports).

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Hint: You can use the Expand All ( ) icon to see each object within the Report Designer pane.

In this step, you select the database against which you want to perform ad hoc query analysis. Double-click Demo.

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